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scoping / обзорного
assess or investigate (something).
they'd scoped out their market
look at carefully; scan.
they watched him scoping the room, looking for Michael
Let alone getting 250 grand a year to play a bit of footy, in between scoping the scene at Burleigh Heads.
According to Bradfield, the center is still scoping out the types of collaborative efforts it might pursue.
The principal of a traditional public school is not charged with coaxing capital funds out of voters, scoping out real estate, or overseeing construction.
The old ones who you see on street corners scoping out the little girls that walk by.
She was fast asleep like a buzzard that had been scoping out prey all day long in a field.
Detectives are currently " scoping " the allegations to determine whether a full-scale investigation should be launched.
Grigory was three miles due west of Natalya's position, scoping out the scene.
Then a couple of white guys, hunched over, scoping out the street, looking to score.
Most of those in the off-stage audience were handed invitations by scouters who scoped the city for folks with " the look ".
Last weekend, we went to the Turners Car Auction to scope it out.