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scope / рамки, сфера, возможности
имя существительное
framework, scope, pale
sphere, scope, area, realm, domain, range
capability, facilities, scope, vista
имя существительное
the extent of the area or subject matter that something deals with or to which it is relevant.
we widened the scope of our investigation
the opportunity or possibility to do or deal with something.
the scope for major change is always limited by political realities
a telescope, microscope, or other device having a name ending in -scope.
infrared night scopes
the length of cable extended when a ship rides at anchor.
the range of the effect of an operator such as a quantifier or conjunction.
An operator (like always) within a relative clause does not like to take wider scope than operators outside the relative.
assess or investigate (something).
they'd scoped out their market
look at carefully; scan.
they watched him scoping the room, looking for Michael
denoting an instrument for observing, viewing, or examining.
A good system will allow a great deal of scope for the editor to tailor the effect to their specific needs and personal taste.
such questions go well beyond the scope of this book
They say there is little scope for expansion of existing roads.
Since a significant element of judgment is involved there will usually be scope for a fairly broad range of possible views, none of which can be categorised as unreasonable.
Its possible field of application as well as its scope for design is unlimited.
I am realistic enough to know that at times expanding the scope of a project is completely necessary, though.
Grant-in-aid schemes offer little scope for rapid growth particularly when the government is as cash strapped as it is.
The content is specific to areas within the scope of an executive's responsibilities.
However, some practitioners struggle to narrow their broad scope of knowledge and expertise into a focused, publishable topic.
First, the techniques of self-help may create scope for opportunism on the part of secured as against unsecured creditors.