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scoop / совок, ковш, черпак
имя существительное
scoop, shovel, trowel, peel
ladle, scoop, dipper, shovel, trough, bailer
scoop, ladle, dipper, bucket, bailer, grab
draw, scoop, draw upon, dip, ladle, bucket
dig, delve, excavate, peck, shovel, scoop
имя существительное
a utensil resembling a spoon, with a long handle and a deep bowl, used for removing powdered, granulated, or semisolid substances (such as ice cream) from a container.
An alterative method is to record the number of feed containers (weigh scoops , coffee cans, etc.) used to feed the sows over a period of several days and determine the average amount consumed per day.
a piece of news published by a newspaper or broadcast by a television or radio station in advance of its rivals.
A scoop by the tabloid newspaper announced that he had sent him to visit a rehab clinic to observe the dangers of drug use.
pick up and move (something) with a scoop.
Philip began to scoop grain into his bag
publish a news story before (a rival reporter, newspaper, or radio or television station).
You'd dial the number, then keep the line open while you encouraged the whole of the web to blitz it, thus scooping all of your rivals.
A good, plain, not too sweet scoop of vanilla would have made a far better companion.
Nothing is as sobering as getting elbow checked out of the way by a cane-wielding senior citizen as they scoop you on the item of your dreams.
In recent months, a whole herd of environmental journalists have claimed to scoop the latest massacre of elephants at the hands of ivory traders, but the true story could lie elsewhere.
There's one item, however, I can give you the straight scoop on.
So I headed to his Web site for the real scoop on my battery.
One of her answers became the headline of the resulting scoop for his newspaper.
Then, finally, the officers scoop up all the valuables and leave.
This preserved its news scoop , but it also prolonged the skepticism surrounding the Americans' story.
Top with a scoop of blackberry tea sorbet and butternut squash drips.
The station's recent news scoop on the controversy meant that it had the only television interview with the judge.