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sconce / бра, подсвечник, канделябр
имя существительное
sconce, bracket
candlestick, sconce, candelabrum
chandelier, candelabrum, sconce, girandole
acumen, gumption, quickness, nous, sagacity, sconce
fine, penalize, amerce, estreat, sconce, surcharge
имя существительное
a candle holder, or a holder of another light source, that is attached to a wall with an ornamental bracket.
Pillar candles in wall sconces faintly illuminate the small dining room, which is dark by day and night.
a flaming torch or candle secured in a holder that is attached to a wall.
My house on Whidbey Island, Washington, is almost exclusively lighted by wall sconces .
a small fort or earthwork defending a ford, pass, or castle gate.
a wall sconce
She deftly detached a lantern off a nearby sconce on the wall.
Thread the fabric through the wreath and let it fall lightly across each lighting sconce .
From the flickering, uncertain light of the wall sconce , she could only see that he was tall and dark-haired, dressed in dusty but well-made traveling clothes.
Black candles flickered in sconces on the walls and by the trencher.
Oil lamps burned in sconces along the walls, lighting the companions' way.
Or wall sconces , but that would, again, involve hiring an electrician to install them.
No corner of the room had been neglected - even the wooden torches burning in the wall sconces had been carved with intricate flowers and leaves.
They resemble cone-like wall sconces , and the colorful abstract shapes covering their surfaces appear to glow like stained glass windows.
Ornate sconces lined the walls, bringing the hall into flickering illumination.