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scissor / резать ножницами, вырезать ножницами
резать ножницами
scissor, scissor off, scissor up
вырезать ножницами
scissor, scissor out
cut (something) with scissors.
pages scissored out of a magazine
move (one's legs) back and forth in a way resembling the action of scissors.
he was still hanging on, scissoring his legs uselessly
A series of generalized shapes - an alphabet of dress - is impressed into long bolts of cloth; individuals can then scissor them into many different versions.
Holding this position, scissor your legs open and closed for a count of 50.
Students scissor their legs in and out up to 150 times for five minutes, exhaling on every rep.
Jump up and scissor your legs quickly so your legs (as well as your arms) switch places.
Keep your pelvis stable by keeping abs tight and flat as you scissor your legs; don't tilt it upward.
Blank sheets were folded, scissored and handed out.
Efficient skaters lean forward at the waist, hands held behind the back, legs lazily scissoring back and forth to notch up 15-20 kilometres an hour, hour after hour.
Their faces and garments are collaged from scraps scissored from magazines.
The holes seemed absurdly small, so I scissored them big, then slipped the two attachments seamlessly onto the taps.
Before I started competing I scissored about 5 feet.