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scion / отпрыск, потомок, побег
имя существительное
offspring, scion, child, sprig, offset, outgrowth
descendant, child, offspring, descendent, scion, progeny
escape, shoot, runaway, flight, sprout, scion
имя существительное
a young shoot or twig of a plant, especially one cut for grafting or rooting.
Rose Wilt was long thought to be a suspected viral disease caused by grafting scions onto imported root stocks from the U.K., Canada and Australia.
a descendant of a notable family.
he was the scion of a wealthy family
He is the scion of a wealthy Saudi family that made its fortune in the construction business.
John was the scion of a family that thrived on back-stabbing.
However, with the results of our experiments with the scion 's blood sample, it is possible that a cure may be devised for this malady.
It's the same scion and the rootstocks are different, so you have a different tree - and there are thousands and thousands of root stocks that can affect quality, size, taste, all of these things.
Many kinds of pistachio trees that aren't cultivated for their nuts are instead used as rootstocks to which the upper, nut-bearing portion of the tree, or scion , is grafted.
Time and again, I have observed suckering (vigorous growth from roots) and incompatibility between rootstock and scion .
She is after all the scion of mighty kings, no matter how ill-gotten she may be.
It is especially important to protect the bud union (where the top scion meets the rootstock).
Remember, no matter how the scion may seem, so long as there is light in his eyes, there is still hope.
He has been identified, or at least in the eyes of his critics, as the scion of important political family, one in which he's had to do very little on his own to be successful.