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scintillating / блестящий остроумием, сверкающий остроумием
имя прилагательное
блестящий остроумием
сверкающий остроумием
имя прилагательное
sparkling or shining brightly.
the scintillating sun
emit flashes of light; sparkle.
Concerts are held here on summer evenings, with the room scintillating to the light of two thousand reflected candles.
Representational elements were gradually submerged in scintillating patterns of colour.
His trip back to Peru is emotionally scintillating , as are his reflections on the passage of time and the vagaries of memory.
The scintillating sun was already starting to descend and it was starting to get cold, giving my arms goose bumps.
Each utterance was more scintillating than the last.
As in so much of his work, he just can't resist adding that extra scintillating layer of life.
That's all it takes to bring you this scintillating hour.
Nestling on the end of a silvery pendant lay a brilliant shifting and shimmering stone of the deepest blue imaginable, shining with scintillating azure starfire.
It is a creation of his old age but the scintillating youthful spirit with which it sparkles inclines one to believe that the grand old man was reliving his lost youth through this romantic rhapsody of a story.
The settings are splendid, sparkling, stunning and scintillating .
These people are hanging on my every word because I am scintillating , and because listening to me is an Improving Experience for them.