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scintillate / искриться, сверкать, мерцать
spark, sparkle, glisten, scintillate, glister, effervesce
sparkle, glitter, flash, blaze, glow, scintillate
flicker, glimmer, twinkle, shimmer, blink, scintillate
emit flashes of light; sparkle.
Concerts are held here on summer evenings, with the room scintillating to the light of two thousand reflected candles.
The script doesn't break new ground, or scintillate with New Yorker wit.
You'll also appreciate how water is Sydney's greatest asset, making the city scintillate and dazzle.
He has proven himself a prodigious master of the qanun, an 81-string Arabic zither, his dexterous plucking unlocking the instrument's potential to scintillate and shine.
He was working on a method for identifying quasars through a discovery in the mid 1960s that quasars scintillate (fluctuate in detected intensity of their radio emissions) more than less compact radio sources.
The large crowds which attend these lavish events in the ‘marriage season’ may be a bit talkative and restless, but always scintillate with so much feminine glamour and radiance all around.
But things that scintillate are prone to burn out.
In places it is punctured by bollards and peeled back to form benches, revealing glazed voids packed with multi-coloured fluorescent tubes that scintillate seductively with kaleidoscopic light.
the sleek boat seemed to scintillate with a dark blue light
Walking in the night air along the Bosphorus where the city light scintillated on the water, I envied the dervishes their passion, their longing and their faith.
Earle's tender voice soars and the delicate songwriting scintillates .