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scimitar / ятаган, кривая сабля, кривая турецкая сабля
имя существительное
scimitar, yataghan, yatagan, ataghan
кривая сабля
кривая турецкая сабля
scimitar, simitar
имя существительное
a short sword with a curved blade that broadens toward the point, used originally in Eastern countries.
Other items include Russian swords, scimitars and a shield from Turkey.
Rhea pressed her scimitar 's blade against the spear, but she simply couldn't cut through.
The killer puts the hands into a sack he's carrying and starts to take the scimitar out of a scabbard he wears.
Each rider carried one of many weapons - a wicked scimitar , a powerful lance, or a flail.
Michael had his scimitar , Monica her rapier, Eric a mace, and Erin a pick.
At the wrist, the blade became smoother, becoming a short scimitar that extended nearly a foot forward.
He turned his blade to the side and caught her scimitar in his cross guard, then launched his body forward.
He winced when he realized that he was holding onto the hilt of his scimitar , and let go of his weapon with a snort.
Faces half covered, long curving scimitars sheathed at their sides, they walked along the narrow, trodden path, from which all onlookers hastily cleared.
The blades of scimitars could be seen beneath their robes.
The claws on the monstrosity jutted out and curved like a dozen scimitars .