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scientific / научный, ученый, техничный
имя прилагательное
scientific, science, learned, erudite, sciential
scientific, scholarly, learned, student, erudite, scholastic
имя прилагательное
based on or characterized by the methods and principles of science.
the scientific study of earthquakes
That all depends on how valid his scientific research is, now doesn't it?
On the other hand, industries that rely more on empirical rather than scientific knowledge do less research.
Emphasizing the scientific approach can lead to a company losing sight of the holistic perceptions of its customers.
It focuses on the scientific approaches towards finding whether we are the only living creatures in the universe.
This problem cries for attention and a scientific approach to prevention or early intervention.
It is a scientific approach to determine whether your investment strategies hold water before you start to invest with real money.
There were also scientific instrument makers and optical experts on the Imperial payroll.
A specialist who deals in antique scientific instruments has one with a price tag of £2,800.
Like many Progressives, he believed in a rational, scientific approach to reform.
their approach was very scientific