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sci-fi / научная фантастика
имя существительное
научная фантастика
science fiction, sci-fi
имя прилагательное
And small wonder it fired the imagination of the sci-fi immigrants, who imagined a new frontier in outer space.
And I think he wanted to do it because he had spent a lot of time in period costume and relished the idea of a sci-fi movie.
This is not a sci-fi matter, but a scientific one connected with real physical phenomena.
It's a pleasant change to have a sci-fi movie directed by a woman, with a woman's touch.
Are there any more sexy, campy, sci-fi fantasy movies like this out there?
The first one was a sci-fi crossed with an action thriller, and we both agreed that it sucked.
Yes, my friend and I came up with that when we were having a sci-fi movie marathon.
When I read the script, I didn't see it as a sci-fi movie, because it was so human.
It's just a very grim and gritty setting for a sci-fi vision of the near future.
In fact, that it isn't, really, a sci-fi film makes it so successful.