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schoolteacher / школьный учитель, педагог
имя существительное
школьный учитель
schoolteacher, schoolmaster, dominie
educator, pedagogue, pedagog, schoolmaster, schoolteacher
имя существительное
a person who teaches in a school.
Mother told me he was a schoolteacher but not a teacher at my school!
Mother told me he was a schoolteacher but not a teacher at my school!
The trainee schoolteacher was described as a very balanced person.
He was educated mostly at home by his mother, a former schoolteacher .
Later, he put himself through college and became a schoolteacher .
Pauline was formerly a registered nurse and registered midwife and later a secondary schoolteacher .
She said her mother had once been a schoolteacher , so Susan was well educated and worldly as a child.
When Sputnik had first gone into orbit a schoolteacher asked her second-graders to write some verse on the subject.
My mother was a schoolteacher , and my father was a minister and a high school guidance counselor.
Then strange queries started trickling in - from professors, schoolteachers , the World Health Organization.
Opposition MPs and education advocates are calling on the government to allow schoolteachers and professors an exemption from copyright restrictions.