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schoolroom / класс, классная комната, аудитория
имя существительное
class, rating, classroom, grade, school, schoolroom
классная комната
classroom, schoolroom, school
audience, classroom, auditorium, auditory, lecture hall, schoolroom
имя существительное
a room in which a class of students is taught.
Alone, a photograph of black students in a schoolroom in 1900, with their hair parted down the middle, will make little lasting impression, even with a long explanatory caption.
The schoolroom seemed oddly quiet as I sat there doing math problems.
This language was neglected in the schoolroom , yet was becoming increasingly fashionable as a serious literary medium.
Children were supposed to spend their days in a schoolroom with their peers, and in specially designated play spaces such as private backyards and playrooms.
Her father had taught her how to fight, how to run a ship, and anything she would have learned in a schoolroom .
Like their contemporaries in the press, the schoolroom , and elsewhere, literary writers helped to construct Irish-Americans as innately depraved.
‘Up here, I think,’ Peggy called to him, glancing back with a sudden grin that reminded him instantly of her infectious cheerfulness in that heavy brick schoolroom .
She twirled around again, suddenly feeling like a giddy miss fresh out of the schoolroom .
But it's clearly not just a matter of putting a few computers in a schoolroom .
In addition, there are always those who will argue that practical experience, on-the-job training, is better than the schoolroom for educating military leaders.
Division takes place in the schoolroom and on the playing field.