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schoolmaster / школьный учитель, педагог, наставник
имя существительное
школьный учитель
schoolteacher, schoolmaster, dominie
educator, pedagogue, pedagog, schoolmaster, schoolteacher
mentor, tutor, preceptor, monitor, schoolmaster, edifier
имя существительное
a male teacher in a school.
Less surprising is the large number of schoolmasters , top public school headmasters, college fellows and masters, and university professors.
He did not even speak to her, but spoke to the governess of the Royal nursery and the schoolmaster and the servants who had come through the day, asking them about William's health and what he had eaten.
In the end, after the passing of several years, now matured and transformed into an educated young woman, she marries the schoolmaster .
The schoolmaster was a very poor student of English, so he asked the parish priest if he could help in the matter.
At school, the schoolmaster gives the boys school names.
It was growing increasingly obvious as I defended myself against her attack that she was simply toying with me, drawing out my technique as a schoolmaster draws recitations from his students.
He is a sadistic schoolmaster and incompetent teacher.
The crowd lets out from the play and among them is Mr. Cyril Fielding, the schoolmaster at the government college.
Frank spoke about dear memories of his former schoolmaster and about the school trips and adoration of football they both shared.
Where, or from whom, has Jenny learned better Latin than the schoolmaster who taught her the language?
His eager acceptance of a dangerous mission becomes eroded as the time of departure approaches and he reverts to the scared schoolboy seeking re-assurance from his schoolmaster , Osborne.