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schooling / обучение, образование, школьное образование
имя существительное
training, teaching, education, instruction, tuition, schooling
education, formation, forming, generation, schooling, background
школьное образование
имя существительное
education or training received, especially at school.
his parents paid for his schooling
send to school; educate.
he was schooled in Boston
(of fish or sea mammals) form a large group.
It is quite clear that teachers, education and schooling have received a raw deal from popular cinema, which tends toward the negative and derogatory in its representations.
The cause of the Claimant's lack of schooling or education during the autumn of 2001 is more complex to ascertain.
Only those who had received some schooling and retained contact with literate family members in Ireland met these conditions; the poorest emigrants clearly did not.
Traditionally, there has been a fee for primary and lower secondary schooling ; thereafter, education is free.
schooling fences
When the market came tumbling down in October 1929 Moishe was there to see it; he later thought this an education unlike anything he had received in his formal schooling .
He received little formal schooling , but he was bright, energetic, and literate.
The teenagers continued their schooling by correspondence.
The schooling received is generally very poor.
I learnt that he had come to the United States as a Jewish refugee from Germany, at the age of 14, to have his schooling and university education in New England.