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schoolgirl / школьница, ученица
имя существительное
schoolgirl, schoolmiss
имя существительное
a girl attending school.
If you're not among the 1,000 English and French private schoolgirls who attend classes at Villa Maria, you're deemed a trespasser if you're found on the grounds.
No saucer eyes, robots or schoolgirl outfits can be found.
schoolgirl French
Really I should have recognized I never really got over my schoolgirl crush.
Who knows if what I'm feeling for you is some schoolgirl crush or a real thing and that's something I have to figure out for myself.
She clearly prefers Shackleton, having a rather irritating schoolgirl crush on him.
I opened my eyes and found myself staring at a pair of legs in knee high boots, fishnet red stockings, and a red and white schoolgirl skirt.
But both the style and content remain at the level of schoolgirl reportage.
How did schoolgirl dress become a matter for the Law Lords?
The nymph had a black schoolgirl outfit on and also had wings.
This pathetic schoolgirl crush is entirely intellectual and virtual.