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schoolboy / школьник, ученик
имя существительное
schoolboy, schoolchild, schoolkid
disciple, pupil, apprentice, learner, schoolboy, scholar
имя существительное
a boy attending school.
A group of young American schoolboys from a military academy are stranded on a tropical island after a plane the boys were traveling in crashed into the sea.
All childish schoolboy humour, no doubt, but we enjoyed it enormously and laughed ourselves silly.
I hadn't realised how many guys had schoolboy crushes on Wonder Woman so when I walked on set looking a bit like her, their jaws just dropped.
Could the competitiveness of schoolboy games be fuelled by over-the-top media coverage, one wonders?
I feel like the naughty schoolboy who's been called to the headmistress's office.
But these schoolboy verses, remarkable as they are, show little indication of the extraordinary style of 18 Poems.
Worried sick about their youngest beloved, mum and dad breathe a sigh of relief when long term schoolboy chum and well respected local policeman, Nino, moves in with him.
It'll be your way of reminding people that you haven't really changed since those schoolboy days of yore, that you're still the same crazy guy at heart.
A 15-year-old schoolboy has been hailed a hero after tackling a mugger.
Spending more than an hour greeting a well-behaved group that queued with schoolboy grins, she lavished her attention on the well-deserved throng with photos and autographs.
In parliament he resembles an overgrown schoolboy , chafing at his collar and tie.