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school / школа, обучение, направление
имя существительное
school, academy, seminary
training, teaching, education, instruction, tuition, school
direction, directing, route, trend, line, school
имя прилагательное
school, scholastic
training, educational, academic, school, instructional, practice
teach, train, instruct, tutor, school, nurture
discipline, chasten, break in, school, form, chastise
accustom, teach, habituate, inure, school, break
имя существительное
an institution for educating children.
Ryder's children did not go to school at all
a group of people, particularly writers, artists, or philosophers, sharing the same or similar ideas, methods, or style.
the Frankfurt school of critical theory
a large group of fish or sea mammals.
The area was swarming with people the way a school of fish in a net would flop about.
send to school; educate.
he was schooled in Boston
(of fish or sea mammals) form a large group.
The bell rang signalling the end of school and pupils rushed from the front exit out into the street.
Obedience to the instincts of its kind is also helpful, as when an entire school of fish moves as one to avoid disaster.
What if the whole entire school catches it and falls into horrible states mentally and physically?
The paranoid school of economic history is again at work right before our eyes.
At school , if your teacher had told the class that one kid was going to be famous, how many kids would have said it would be you?
the Frankfurt school of critical theory
However it is within the Labor Party, and not the Liberal Party, that adherents of such a school are to be found.
The entire school shared this lavatory and it had a dozen shower stalls for use.
All he saw was lots of blue water, and an occasional school of fish here and there.
she ran to school every morning