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scholastic / схоластический, ученый, школьный
имя прилагательное
scientific, scholarly, learned, student, erudite, scholastic
school, scholastic
имя существительное
scholastic, schoolman
имя прилагательное
of or concerning schools and education.
scholastic achievement
of, relating to, or characteristic of medieval scholasticism.
Idioms of feudal law also applied to royal jurisdiction and government, which is why St Thomas Aquinas, the leading scholastic thinker of the High Middle Ages, debated the powers of monarchy in this vein.
имя существительное
an adherent of scholasticism; a schoolman.
Of the medieval scholastics , Aquinas was less interested in who ruled than in the uses to which the ruling interest was put.
(in the Roman Catholic Church) a member of a religious order, especially the Society of Jesus, who is between the novitiate and the priesthood.
There are 203 Jesuits, including priests, brothers and scholastics , in Ireland.
The Revolution in science overturned the authority in not only of the middle ages but of the ancient world - it ended not only in the eclipse of scholastic philosophy but in the destruction of Aristotelian physics.
In 1988, at a Composition Committee meeting, the discussion centered on whether any form other than the scholastic essay could be appropriate for the English Composition curriculum.
With all the emphasis that she put on scholastic matters, she never really stressed sports or other forms of regular physical exercise.
Their key goal is achievement, but this aim is not exclusively scholastic .
Internal evidence also suggests that he was a Benedictine monk and priest who was both educated and conversant with scholastic philosophy.
Renaissance humanism gradually replaced the medieval scholastic tradition from which it emerged.
As the centuries passed they added more and more layers to the symbolic structures that reinforced such attitudes, while their overt messages disregarded the subtle reservations of scholastic theologians.
My parents were never particularly interested in my scholastic achievements.
As of mid-December 2003, there were scholastic chess events scheduled in Seattle, for February 2004, that were already fully booked and closed to new registrants.
The Scholarship Board believes that part of the eligibility requirements for receipt of scholarship money is scholastic excellence.