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scholarly / ученый, свойственный ученым
имя прилагательное
scientific, scholarly, learned, student, erudite, scholastic
свойственный ученым
имя прилагательное
involving or relating to serious academic study.
scholarly journals
The society combines the scholarly study of local speech with the publication of prose and poetry in various forms of local dialect.
It is the task of a scholarly journal to provide a platform for many interesting lines of discussion and analysis.
On the other hand, they are too disjointed and brief to contribute much to the knowledge of more scholarly fans.
The British, the author of this scholarly and objective study concludes, lost both the will and the ability to rule by force.
The reverse is true - as scholarly research indicates, and as I have found empirically.
He is the author of several books and has written several articles in scholarly journals in his field.
The problem for Australian academic historians is that scholarly publishing is virtually non-existent.
Try to do better at blogging about new scholarly work in political science that connects to real-world events.
Multi-lingual, he liked to retire with a book, was well-polished in letters and enjoyed scholarly debate.
But scholarly studies on the pre-independence history of Indian diplomacy are too few.