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schmooze / все гости
talk intimately and cozily; gossip.
Nearly once a month influence peddlers from different worlds gather to gossip, talk business, and schmooze at his Hollywood Hills home.
имя существительное
a long and intimate conversation.
‘Lashings of booze, and a schmooze with La Crème de la Crème of The Scottish Enlightenment are just a taste of what is on offer,’ the invite said.
That said, this week's brimming with sparkling repartee and buzzing with bright ideas - so cruise and schmooze to your heart's content.
Go and schmooze with a VP (trust me, if they have the time every bigwig likes to talk about himself - they might even buy the coffee).
Saturday's the day to mingle, cruise and schmooze along Ste-Catherine street when Community Day shuts down one of downtown's main arteries.
I figured I could use my half-Sicilian heritage as a platform with which to schmooze voters (I also brought my cleats).
Delightfully shameless, he chats his way though a barrage of rapid-fire lessons on how to schmooze , write, produce, direct, distribute, act and scam your way through the rather sordid underbelly that is the film biz.
Although the whole schmooze is tuned towards sex.
Hollywood attitude and schmooze might well be the engine that drives this 11-day orgy of movies, parties and buzz.
He is a connoisseur of the finer things in life, well known for his ability to balance a glass of wine in one hand, canapés in the other, while still being able to schmooze the most stony-faced of guests.
we had a wonderful schmooze about the old days
we schmooze about New York, what she misses