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schlock / барахло, дрянь
имя существительное
junk, garbage, tat, schlock, stinker, grot
stuff, trash, lousy, muck, rotter, schlock
имя существительное
cheap or inferior goods or material; trash.
they peddle their schlock to willing tourists
I sit in that eerie phosphorescent tubal glow and lounge becalmed, thinking about the microwave emissions being bombarded into outer space like a gazillion ambassadors of tacky schlock .
Everything on display here is grade-Z kung-fu schlock .
Like many bands playing earnestly banal semi-derived emo schlock they've connected with an audience of disaffected youth who find comfort in their cranked up pop music and simplistic lyrics.
Trouble was, the only legal name for the mix was - and still is - ‘red table wine,’ a tag people might associate with schlock .
At first it's difficult to shake the feeling that it's kitschy schlock that they're radiating, rather than the sinister malevolence they may be aiming for.
The dull picture here befits the cheap production values of this schlock .
The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a succession of schlock and gore museums.
It's at the edge of schlock and kitsch, but it's a nice throwback to the times when people would practice their letters and made sure their handwriting was neat, legible, and beautiful.
mass-produced schlock
Existing at the intersection of simple chemistry genius and Ed Wood schlock , the kit involved two putty substances that one mixed to produce a gruesome, frighteningly real scar.