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schlep / подонку
haul or carry (something heavy or awkward).
she schlepped her groceries home
имя существительное
a tedious or difficult journey.
And the Hamptons are fun to visit, but it's a schlepp to get out there and it's more than we want to spend.
We'd all love the luxury of a driving service to pick us up, take us to the office and schlep us back home.
His punishment was to schlep a boulder up a hill, only for him to see it roll down the hill again once he had almost reached the top.
I don't mean when you schlep out in the morning in your slippers and robe to pick up your newspaper - I mean actually wearing your house slippers to work, or even to restaurants and social functions.
For Brown, visiting Gill at South Fork is a six-hour schlep that he's managed only three times.
a rush hour schlep to the airport and back
Gum disease can involve multiple visits and if you have to go to Bristol once a week for six weeks it can become a bit of a schlep .
We have as much beauty right here without the schlep of city life.
I left the big house feeling like a worthless schlep .
Even though his character's a schlep , at least he's got a bit of personality.
To be sure, it's a lot easier to garner favorable press reports than it is to get people to actually schlep to an often brutally cold, sparsely populated state.