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schism / раскол, ересь, схизма
имя существительное
split, schism, cleavage, break, secession, disruption
heresy, schism, heterodoxy, misbelief, whoredom
имя существительное
a split or division between strongly opposed sections or parties, caused by differences in opinion or belief.
He entered federal parliament in 1928 and was defeated at the end of 1931 as the Australian Labor Party succumbed in NSW to a schism between the federal party and the supporters of J. T. Lang.
Surely this must produce a deep schism in a sense between science and Buddhism from the very beginning?
Or the emotional schism caused by choosing between two parents?
At the parish level, the fear of schism ensured that the church remained a militant one, committed to the policies of Catholic reform first promulgated by the council of Trent.
Obliged to adopt the remuneration norms from the West, the Churches abandoned in part their tradition of equality, and a new schism entered into ecclesiastical society between the rich and the less well off.
A dangerous schism in the Russian party developed with the emergence of the view known as Economism.
A further schism developed among those favoring the colony's existence.
His work deals with death, violence, the schism between society's ideals and behaviour - very metaphorical work.
But the vote will drive many from the church and risks schism .
Internal schism and instability led to Roman invasion and occupation.
It is only in recent years that the dialogue between the two Churches to heal the schism has been effectively re-opened.