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schematize / схематизировать, систематизировать, представить в виде схемы
systematize, systemize, schematize
представить в виде схемы
arrange or represent in a schematic form.
Both light and sound waves can be schematized this way, and so too the complex visual and aural patterns created by their interference.
Monkeys, like us, actively schematize their world, and their behavior is thus motivated by cognitions as well as emotions.
In fact, the way we as scholars schematize clergy careers goes just this way, and it is exactly on this laddering that we have looked for evidence of differences in career patterns and of discrimination.
The distances and relationships schematized on a technical map only tend to confuse people until they have worked through the problem of compatibility themselves in an experiential way.
Like the caterpillars and dragonflies on the adjacent dresses, these forms stand out from the graphic patterns that surround them because they appear to be organic, if highly schematized in their rendering of anatomy.
We do so by schematizing in order to impose upon chaos as much regularity and form as our practical needs require.
In fact the book is deceptively simple in that its schematization (sometimes over-elaborate for some tastes) appears to choke a more serious and sustained argument.
However, even in these analyses, the cognitive considerations at stake are highly schematized and simplified.
The authors of these texts ‘carry out selections, generalizations, and historical schematizations , at the same time as they make value judgments on the object studied’.
The program notes ascribed a savage or exotic otherness to the performers who were packaged into neatly schematised and imperialised glosses for ready consumption by the spectator.
This section has necessarily schematised a more complex critique.