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schematic / схема, диаграмма
имя существительное
scheme, diagram, circuit, schema, pattern, schematic
diagram, chart, figure, graph, pattern, schematic
имя прилагательное
schematic, diagrammatic, diagrammatical, sketchy
имя прилагательное
(of a diagram or other representation) symbolic and simplified.
The designs are quite schematic , even crude in their style of representation, and it is not always easy to decipher them.
имя существительное
(in technical contexts) a schematic diagram, in particular of an electric or electronic circuit.
He was working on deciphering ancient schematics and technical schematics .
Even in his later work, when a human presence enters it is either grotesque, so schematic as to be without mood, or troubled.
This does not exclude the possibility of a schematic representation which captures the commonality of the various uses.
His writings provided a schematic and prescriptive interpretation of Napoleonic operations, an approach well suited to West Point's engineering emphasis.
The schematic map system is claimed to help the tourist to reach even the most remote destinations in the country and enjoy the place without the help of a local guide.
Although he abandoned the schematic interpretation, it is not clear what he puts in its place.
We cannot form more than a schematic conception of what it is like.
It's just so close to the wall it looks on the schematic like they're double doors.
This is a relatively schematic presentation of the three levels, and in practice they are not neatly separated.
I walk in and am amazed to see a nice interior with a schematic diagram for the place.
A second later, an image of a schematic diagram appeared.