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scheduler / планировщик
имя существительное
scheduler, planner
имя существительное
a person or machine that organizes or maintains schedules.
The schedulers know their business: this is a nation obsessed with bricks and mortar.
Most virus software has an automatic scheduler so that the software can update daily at specified times.
The candidate's campaign scheduler says the only time she saw Dean lose his temper was over rock chipping.
One of the reasons she wanted to transfer was to assert she had substantive knowledge and was not just a secretary / scheduler .
I carry one in my pocket, keep one in my car, and use one as a scheduler and contacts database.
Latency is a function of the audio-interface hardware, the audio-interface device driver, the operating system scheduler and the application software.
An office feature has a scheduler , calculator, unit converter, stopwatch and voice memo feature.
Once the time slice of a running process is over, the Linux scheduler picks up another appropriate process from the run queue and allocates CPU power to that process.
Sending a calendar imprinted with a business logo can keep the business' name on the scheduler 's desk for the entire year.
The software team programmed the scheduler to log when a job took longer than expected.
Organiser functions include a scheduler , alarm clock, calculator and world clock.