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schedule / расписание, график, программа
имя существительное
schedule, timetable, table, timing, syllabus, sked
schedule, chart, graph, timetable, plot, diagram
program, schedule, scheme, project, blueprint, instruction
plan, schedule, glide, map out, target, lay out
assign, appoint, nominate, set, administer, schedule
составлять расписание
schedule, table, sked
имя существительное
a plan for carrying out a process or procedure, giving lists of intended events and times.
we have drawn up an engineering schedule
an appendix to a formal document or statute, especially as a list, table, or inventory.
The owner of such design rights is the person identified in the 2nd column in the table of the said schedule .
(with reference to an income tax system) any of the forms (named “A,” “B,” etc.) issued for completion and relating to the various classes into which taxable income is divided.
The IRS and the Department of the Treasury have announced an increase in the threshold for filing a separate schedule for interest or dividend income.
arrange or plan (an event) to take place at a particular time.
the release of the single is scheduled for April
We had a successful broadcast in Carlow during Easter week 2005 and are presently planning our broadcasting schedule for the coming year.
The bus company has committed itself to always adhere to the schedule and the timetable.
Yesterday, Delaney was trying to rearrange his schedule in order to come.
He congratulated her on her appointment as Minister for Agriculture and thanked her for taking time out of her very busy schedule to come to talk to the meeting.
Maybe you'll let me take you to lunch, if your schedule permits.
Clause 26 of the contract between those parties was deemed time to be of the essence, and by Item L of the schedule , encumbrances were listed as nil.
Control is about monitoring, comparing results, revising the schedule , and the plan, taking corrective action, and deferred gratification.
We continued to see each other at first every weekend, then it became every other weekend, then it became every 2 weeks depending on his busy work schedule !
They also provide Express Lunch, a 45-minute three-course set lunch menu which is specially designed to suit guests with a busy schedule .
take a moment out of your busy schedule