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scent / запах, нюх, след
имя существительное
smell, odor, scent, flavor, flavour, odour
scent, flair
track, trace, trail, mark, footprint, scent
smell, scent, smack
choke, strangle, stifle, smother, throttle, scent
smell, scent, nose
имя существительное
a distinctive smell, especially one that is pleasant.
the scent of freshly cut hay
a trail indicated by the characteristic smell of an animal and perceptible to hounds or other animals.
the hound followed the scent
the faculty or sense of smell.
If scent is the sense physically located closest to memory in the brain, then surely the synapses that channel sound tickle the trigger of imagination.
impart a pleasant scent to.
a glass of tea scented with lemon balm
discern by the sense of smell.
a shark can scent blood from well over half a mile away
For the final touch, I sprayed my signature scent , Moonlight Path, around the room, and walked through it.
Both groups took longer to pass through the tunnel when predator scent was present than when it was absent.
she sprayed scent over her body
Later this year the NFH intend to experiment with trail hunting, in which a cloth soaked in a fox's urine is dragged across the countryside to give the hounds a scent to follow.
once their interest is aroused, they follow the scent with sleuthlike pertinacity
I like jasmine tea's refreshing scent a lot, which I adore in the form of gelatin dessert, too.
As the hounds picked up their scent , the howls became snarls.
Later, two other dogs were run across the suspected site and they too indicated a scent .
Life at the ranch house starts early with the insistent chatter of birds and the scent of freshly ground Kenyan coffee.
a shark can scent blood from well over half a mile away