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scenery / пейзаж, декорации
имя существительное
landscape, scenery, view, scene, paysage
scenery, decor, set
имя существительное
the natural features of a landscape considered in terms of their appearance, especially when picturesque.
spectacular views of mountain scenery
Tosca gives the audience a rapturous evening of gorgeous music and fantastic scenery .
The route chosen includes some of the most impressive cliff scenery and seascapes in the country.
One of the best parts of the meal is enjoying it outside on the balcony, with a view of the mountain scenery .
The story is told by Shankar himself, against a bewitching backdrop of Indian scenery .
He writes, directs, photographs, edits and probably paints the scenery and makes the chow as well.
At the south-west end of the studio floor is the concrete scene dock for storing scenery and properties.
As an artist, Dunn is very involved in the sculpting of the visual scenery of the stage.
A period drama using wide screen scenery is not likely to be too effective on the web.
Theatre and opera were bounded by the physical limitations of scenery and props.
She told the driver the address and found herself start to cry as all the familiar scenery surrounded her.