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scene / сцена, картина, эпизод
имя существительное
scene, stage, platform, performance, spectacle, board
picture, painting, scene, view, piece, canvas
episode, scene, incident, sequence, passage, anecdote
имя существительное
the place where an incident in real life or fiction occurs or occurred.
the emergency team were among the first on the scene
a sequence of continuous action in a play, movie, opera, or book.
a scene from Brando's first film
One way of bringing in new income is by promoting the company in the wider community outside the arts scene .
At the bottom, in what was a shopping centre, a scene of horror awaited him.
We'll hear from reporters on the scene in Iraq's capital city and a lot more.
The estate, located on the main Kilkenny road out of the town, was the scene of a crash the week after Christmas.
If that doesn't say something about the small-fry nature of our theatre scene , I don't know what does.
She shook her head gently at Angus, warning him not to make a scene .
I could feel tears welling up in my eyes and I didn't want to make a scene .
Having lived in Shanghai for four years, he has noticed changes in the drinking scene .
This photograph depicts the scene outside a house in Cherrygrove, Portlaoise.
he had a scene with her