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scatter / разброс, рассеивание
имя существительное
scatter, dispersion, spreading
diffusion, dispersion, scattering, dissipation, dispersal, scatter
scatter, dissipate, dispel, disperse, diffuse, disseminate
dispel, dissipate, disperse, scatter
scatter, disperse, throw about, overspread, broadcast, strew
throw in various random directions.
scatter the coconut over the icing
имя существительное
a small, dispersed amount of something.
a scatter of houses on the north shore
a scatter of boulders round the pothole mouth
a scatter of houses on the north shore
scatter the coconut over the icing
She was five foot five inches tall and had a scatter of freckles across her nose.
His daughter, Marielle, plans to come to Scotland to scatter some of his ashes but the rest will be taken to Vietnam.
Arrange the slices of mozzarella over the base, spread the onions on top and scatter the chestnuts, olives and thyme or oregano over them.
His staging was awkward; he tended to limit action unnecessarily to small parts of the stage and to scatter furniture about at random.
Flow cytometry showed a population of cells with slightly greater forward and side scatter than that of normal lymphocytes.
There was another scatter of applause and a short man with a ring of red hair around his shiny pink scalp moved onto the stage.
That decision was not made finally until the 1950s, and then it was decided that there would be just a scatter of plantations though the highlands.