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scary / жуткий, пугливый
имя прилагательное
eerie, spooky, scary, uncanny, eery, scarey
fearful, shy, skittish, timid, jittery, scary
имя прилагательное
frightening; causing fear.
a scary movie
Dozens of skulls hang overhead, making the longhouses a mysterious and scary place.
That is really a scary thought when you think about our founding fathers.
Some residents said they had not slept through the night due to scary sounds of gunshots and blasts.
It can be a bit scary to travel on buses when there is anti-social behaviour.
It sounded posh enough, although I suspected the prices might be a bit scary .
Manwarren said we live in scary times and music was one way to deal with the social ills now facing the country.
Since I'm basically carrying my life savings around with me, it can be a bit scary .
I couldn't be in love so soon… it was a scary thought.
Teenagers may look a bit scary to us adults these days, but it's fashion nothing more sinister than that.
Some horrific things happen in it, to be sure, but until the end it's not a particularly scary movie.