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scarper / scarper
run away.
they left the stuff where it was and scarpered
The inmates mingle with the townspeople and pilgrims and when Fay refuses to identify them so they can be locked up again, she has to scarper to avoid arrest.
Once the guy had found out the truth, more often than not, he'd scarper .
And since the party starts at 7pm, I reckon I can scarper shortly after 10 to get to the pub for last orders.
He actually lay in wait for burglars and shot them as a deliberate act, even though they were about to scarper .
‘They scarper when the police come, but when they go, they're back again,’ he said.
Black cats have been known to scarper at my sight.
By the time the police get there, they've scarpered and nothing gets done.
The bookshop man told him it would cost around £20,000, so Daniel scarpered .
‘I can't do this,’ he said before scarpering .
When the baby did arrive, the father scarpered for good.