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scarp / крутой откос, откос, эскарп
имя существительное
крутой откос
scarp, escarpment
slope, escarpment, bank, scarp, escarp, inclination
scarp, escarpment, escarp
крутой склон
scarp, ascent
делать отвесным
делать крутым
escarp, scarp
имя существительное
a very steep bank or slope; an escarpment.
The slopes are very steep in places, forming scarps .
cut or erode (a slope or hillside) so that it becomes steep, perpendicular, or precipitous.
A scarped windward slope is the aspect most characteristic of coastal dunes.
In the east it commonly terminates against a prominent fault scarp .
The park has its origins in the early 1870s when a 175-hectare tract of land on the scarp overlooking the fledgling colonial settlement of Perth was designated as future public garden and parkland.
He has taken over a pub a mile away from the Tontine in the recusant village of Osmotherley, high on the scarp of the moors.
The two men - both suffering minor burns, one with a broken hand - had made it to the top of the scarp .
Any flank uplift would have shown the scarp to be significantly higher than a mid-valley outlier.
South of the valley the land rises onto the irregular low scarp of the Castlereagh Hills and rarely exceeds a height of 150m.
The house, built around three sides of a courtyard and landscaped into a slope, looks out towards the Cotswold scarp .
The fault structure was veneered by lava which was produced by the peripheral magma reservoirs and flowed down the scarp and into the lower central caldera.
On the long, steep scarp between the iron age hillfort above and ploughed fields below are white signs carved into the turf.
The look-out openings on the parapet and even the gun-holes that honeycomb the scarp , serve as ventilators.