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scarlet / алый, багряный, багровый
имя прилагательное
scarlet, red, damask, incarnadine, vermilion, carnation
scarlet, red
purple, red, scarlet, florid, red in the face, mulberry
имя существительное
алый цвет
scarlet, damask
scarlet, ancient purple
prostitute, hooker, whore, harlot, streetwalker, scarlet
имя прилагательное
of a brilliant red color.
a mass of scarlet berries
(of an offense or sin) wicked; heinous.
имя существительное
a brilliant red color.
papers lettered in scarlet and black
She was clothed in purple and scarlet , she wore jewels and gold all over, and she held a golden cup.
The monochrome design for the production resembles a black-and-white film noir in which the doomed characters are dressed in scarlet as if splashed with blood.
The wound on his side was an angry blotch, tipped in scarlet .
They give an awe-inspiring explosion of fat, juicy blooms in scarlet , yellow or deep purpley - black.
Two military knights, in uniforms of scarlet swallowtail coats with black arm bands, stood in solemn vigil, guarding the Princess's coffin.
Nine stylised figures stand below it with no details on them - seven of them draped in white, contrasted by two of them in scarlet .
He flushed a brilliant scarlet at her remark, thrusting his hands back into the water so quickly that he splashed some over the side.
‘I've been having a lot of alcohol lately,’ Beth admitted, her cheeks flushing scarlet .
Sporting a scarlet shirt under his dark jacket, he was in growling good humour.
She was clothed in an attractive silk blouse of scarlet with gold brocade that laced up her ample front like a bodice.