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scarify / скарифицировать, делать насечки, делать надрезы
делать насечки
делать надрезы
cut and remove debris from (a lawn) with a scarifier.
Viable seeds were extracted from the pods, scarified with a file, and germinated in the Botany Department greenhouse facilities at the University of Georgia.
make shallow incisions in (the skin), especially as a medical procedure or traditional cosmetic practice.
she scarified the snakebite with a paring knife
criticize severely and hurtfully.
I was blackballed and blacklisted, vilified and scarified and was reduced to having to go incognito to Cleary's of Ballycroy to enjoy a pint or three.
a scarifying mix of extreme violence and absurdist humor
However, I don't want to scarify the community's open discussion just for those annoying spams.
They intend to scarify the top layer to a depth of a few inches prior to next season.
If dethatching is required, use an iron rake or a thatch rake (also known as a scrake) to cut through and rake off thatch, and to scarify the surface.
In the past, mild acids, or salt were used to scarify the skin but the scar could be as undesirable as the tattoo.
We scarify the top 2 to 12 inches, add the proper amount of moisture, compact the subgrade, then fine-grade for paving.
Prior to disinfection, VIR4788 and VIR7128 seeds were also treated for 15 min with 98% H 2 SO 4 to scarify the seed coat.
He went on to scarify the same companies for being only interested in putting on the tried and the tested to the exclusion of modern works by Irish writers and composers.
Add attachments, and you can also scarify hard ground, rip up asphalt, and doze construction materials.
Showing a bit of restraint when turning reduces this effect and you're going to scarify it before you put in rota-bucks so what does it matter, anyway?
Thus, in Papua New Guinea the Kendengei people of the Sepik ritually scarify adolescent men.