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scaredy-cat / напуганная кошка
имя существительное
a timid person.
In the grubby gaze and glare of publicity, the ACT members run like scaredy-cats - like the scared hares that they are.
‘I'm not a scaredy-cat ,’ she protested, pouting slightly.
‘If you're such a scaredy-cat , why don't you leave with the rest of them,’ she suggested.
Apparently European consumers will readily discard excess packaging at the till, but I'm too much of a scaredy-cat .
I don't mean to be a scaredy-cat , but the high board is high… really high.
He needed to stand up for himself, be more outgoing, and stop being such a scaredy-cat .
In addition to being a scaredy-cat , I am also a celebrity gossip fan, so I am reproducing several of the more eye-catching ones here for you.
I was a bit of a scaredy-cat when it came to storms.
You were a scaredy-cat , there's no doubt about it, naa.
‘Talk about a couple of scaredy-cats !’ he said, ‘Afraid of a little thunder!’
‘Some of the scaredy-cats sprint right to Danielle to be on her team because they know she'll handle it,’ says Manning.