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scare / пугать, попугать, отпугивать
frighten, scare, panic, fright, intimidate, alarm
scare away, scare, deter, scare off
имя существительное
panic, scare, flap, funk
внезапный испуг
имя существительное
a sudden attack of fright.
gosh, that gave me a scare!
cause great fear or nervousness in; frighten.
the rapid questions were designed to scare her into blurting out the truth
They had been given a scare ; one that will stand them in good stead.
With every corner she turned she had to fly past another guard, and with every door she opened another alarm would sound and scare her out of her wits.
During the recent bomb scare in the centre of Chippenham, police officers went out of their way to rescue bridesmaids' dresses from a house that were urgently needed at a wedding.
I suspect from the amount of screaming she did (the nurses closed the door for fear she would scare the other patients) that it hurt.
Passengers on the second flight in a week to be diverted to Prestwick Airport following a mid-air bomb scare finally arrived at their Irish destination last night.
The word alone creates fear, and by now almost anything manages to scare a lot of Americans.
The Tories were so keen to push ahead with the float that they failed to order a full inventory of the company's assets, fearing this would scare off investors.
A hartley Wintney couple have spoken of their frightening ordeal during an aeroplane bomb scare thousands of feet above Turkey.
She figured that he was on the phone or watching television, and decided to jump in the room and maybe give him the scare of his life.
Yet another Eurosceptic scare story has been discredited.