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scarce / дефицитный, скудный, редкий
имя прилагательное
scarce, in short supply, critical, in low supply, critic
scarce, meager, scanty, scant, lean, poor
rare, sparse, occasional, uncommon, infrequent, scarce
barely, hardly, scarcely, just, slightly, scarce
едва ли
hardly, scarcely, unlikely, scarce, ill, illy
вряд ли
hardly, unlikely, scarcely, scarce
имя прилагательное
(especially of food, money, or some other resource) insufficient for the demand.
as raw materials became scarce, synthetics were developed
a babe scarce two years old
At that moment the beast-man charged the Kshatriya; Viro scarce had time to roll.
Difficult choices must be made in the allocation of scarce resources between current and capital expenditure.
These actions have been carried out openly, but opposition within Canada has been scarce or nonexistent.
In critical care, networks have been used to increase efficiency and responsiveness by combining scarce resources to iron out the effect of variations in demand.
The report says the common skate is so scarce recent surveys to assess their status failed to find a single one.
First, it would not require each country to expend scarce resources to build its own defenses against every air and missile threat.
It is this lack that has made archeological finds scarce and precious, finds like the one Dan made.
Coastal land resources are scarce because of high demand and low supply.
This may be so fundamental to the business that diverting scarce resources and money into longer-term plans would be wrong.
I must eat until sated: Early humans lived in an environment in which food resources were scarce .