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scant / скудный, ограниченный, недостаточный
имя прилагательное
scarce, meager, scanty, scant, lean, poor
limited, bounded, restricted, confined, finite, scant
inadequate, insufficient, scarce, deficient, poor, scant
stint, skimp, scrimp, scant, begrudge, pinch
limit, restrict, confine, constrain, restrain, scant
barely, faintly, scarcely, scant
имя прилагательное
barely sufficient or adequate.
companies with scant regard for the safety of future generations
provide grudgingly or in insufficient amounts.
he does not scant his attention to the later writings
This mainstream inward-investment effort paid scant attention to financial services or any other part of the non-manufacturing side of business.
You chose to use the motorway with scant regard for others, for your own purposes and your own enjoyment, and that is a crime in itself.
Concern has particularly arisen in view of younger men having paid scant attention to the richness of their culture.
The ball was pumped high and handsome from end to end, with scant regard for skill or teamwork, and this took place in perfect conditions on a summer's evening that appeared to be made for football.
The relatively scant amount of English written law is due not to wars and problems of documentary survival, but to its distance from post-Roman legal culture.
So far they've paid scant attention to the rebel's scheme.
There is a scant amount of data available, severely limiting the kinds of conclusions one can draw.
He didn't put ads on the site and used a scant amount of donations to pay for the server.
I live in the Bingley area where a scant amount of my council tax is spent (be it only on my dustbin being emptied).
And scant evidence suggests DDT gets into the environment in significant amounts when sprayed indoors.