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scandalmonger / сплетник, клеветник
имя существительное
gossip, scandalmonger, whisperer, tattler, gossipmonger, blabber
slanderer, detractor, calumniator, libeller, traducer, scandalmonger
имя существительное
a person who stirs up public outrage toward someone or their actions by spreading rumors or malicious gossip.
It wasn't only the scandalmongers of tabloid journalism who were outraged.
Meanwhile, the critics, as opposed to scandalmongers , began to weigh in, taking the work in the show to task, not for its moral effrontery but for its lack of compelling interest.
It's just one in a range well-tested celebrity responses to the scandalmongers , from the Dignified Evasion to the Snotty Putdown.
As such, they are of far more interest to future historians of the royal family than the views of pundits or the ‘revelations’ of scandalmongers .
Anyone who has watched the last rounds of the World Cup knows that these scandalmongers have a point.
Thanks to the internet, the famous can now bypass the journalists and scandalmongers who, they will tell you, get the facts wrong.
It wasn't only the scandalmongers of tabloid journalism who were outraged.
According to the scandalmongers , the then Prince of Wales had inherited these emeralds from Alexandra for the purpose of passing them down to his future wife, the next queen of England.