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scandalize / шокировать, возмущать, злословить
shock, scandalize, horrify
perturb, shock, scandalize
backbite, malign, traduce, scandalize, calumniate
shock or horrify (someone) by a real or imagined violation of propriety or morality.
their lack of manners scandalized their hosts
reduce the area of (a fore-and-aft sail) by lowering the head or raising the boom.
Not only did Jesus scandalize these leaders by the company he kept, he went so far as to openly confront their hypocrisy.
How about you pick something else to scandalize him with?
She decided that on a day where she was not quite as tired, she would be her normal self and attempt to scandalize the prince.
The people in the town liked to pay attention to made up stories that would ‘simply scandalize the neighbors!’
The preacher's adulteries scandalize the Scripture-reading congregation of Zion Hope.
Jesus scandalized people by speaking God's law in his own name.
Australia's continuing loss of defence capability would scandalise the Australian people if the whole truth were to be revealed.
What has changed about Washington that allows a serial scandalizer to hold onto his job?
As a youth he had scandalized his family by studying medicine, and had published at Rome, at great expense, a treatise on the difficulty of belching while lying down.
Worse still, we seem to have fixed upon a great many varieties that scandalise me.