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scandal / скандал, позор, злословие
имя существительное
scandal, scene, fracas, stink, roughhouse, affray
disgrace, shame, dishonor, infamy, ignominy, scandal
slander, backbiting, scandal, backbite, obloquy, detraction
имя прилагательное
shameful, disgraceful, infamous, scandal, dishonorable, scandalous
gossip, talk, tattle, tell tales, scandal, wag
имя существительное
an action or event regarded as morally or legally wrong and causing general public outrage.
a bribery scandal involving one of his key supporters
It is a scandal that so many of the cinema's greatest works remain unavailable on video
In 1810 he survived a frenzied attack by his valet, though scandal insisted that Cumberland had been the aggressor.
Few estates have a history as colourful as Mourne Park in Co Down, where gossip and scandal have been par for the course over the centuries.
How far are we complicit in the corruption of current affairs by our own viewing habits, by our love of gossip and scandal ?
divorce was cause for scandal in the island
I take my seat at the convivial bar in the Queen's Grill Lounge and become enthralled by the idiosyncrasies of my ship-mates as they are narrated by that font of scandal and gossip, the bartender.
The reader with an eye for colourful detail and elegant prose, not to mention for racy scandal and rumour, will no doubt forgive the book's shortcomings.
a bribery scandal involving one of his key supporters
There was talk of the weather, the crops, some gossip and scandal , some hunting and fishing news.
It is a scandal that shames the good name of noble Limerick.