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scan / сканирование, просмотр, развертка
имя существительное
scanning, scan
scan, review, browsing, revise, supervision, run
scan, scanning, reamer, evolvent, involute, broach
scan, chant
имя существительное
an act of scanning someone or something.
a quick scan of the sports page
look at all parts of (something) carefully in order to detect some feature.
he raised his binoculars to scan the coast
cause (a surface, object, or part of the body) to be traversed by a detector or an electromagnetic beam.
their brains are scanned so that researchers can monitor the progress of the disease
analyze the meter of (a line of verse) by reading with the emphasis on its rhythm or by examining the pattern of feet or syllables.
By the end of the term, several students still could not scan a basic line or write in metre.
A quick scan told me all that I needed to know, and - wincing - I tossed the envelope and its contents down on the desktop.
It was some days before the medical staff arranged a scan , only to discover that the inmate had been carrying twins and had lost only one.
you can't predict anything until he has seen the scan
But a quick scan through the months in the calendar has revealed a few little errors.
A quick scan of the terrain on Monday revealed very few skaters wearing helmets - including the pro skaters themselves.
a brain scan
Researchers looking into the problem have told Scotland on Sunday that metal detectors might have to be used to scan bodies before they are cast into the flames.
The list of award nominees, the eventual winners and even a quick scan of the banquet hall at the Palliser Hotel all gave reasons for optimism.
a quick scan of the sports page
A quick scan of the shelves and I was a little girl back in Leyland in the sweet shop near the end of our street.