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scampi / креветки с чесночным соусом
имя существительное
креветки с чесночным соусом
имя существительное
large shrimp or prawns, especially when prepared or cooked.
Deep-fried fillet of cod, or the scampi and chips will definitely fill a hole and, in thoroughly modern fashion, you can also get baked fish, or even healthier low-carb dishes.
There are new items like shrimp scampi and moussaka, veal marsala and chicken spinacoli.
Twelve ounce steaks are available, as are moussaka, deep fried scampi and gammon steaks, as well as a choice of reasonably-priced burgers and kebabs.
Shrimp scampi has been made with wine for years, for example, but now test menus offer ‘shrimp scampi made with Chardonnay.’
The reasonably-priced menu serves everything you would expect - jackets, scampi and chips, burgers, baguettes and so on - but nothing you wouldn't.
She ordered the shrimp scampi and a side salad, while I ordered a fruit plate.
scampi and chips
There wasn't a fish shop for miles, although the local supermarket was full of breaded plaice and battered scampi .
In fact, 20-30 years ago unscrupulous restaurateurs in Spanish resorts would pass it off as lobster or scampi to unsuspecting tourists.
I pretended to not hear his questions as I ate my Caesar salad and shrimp scampi .
You will pay £8.75 (at the time of writing) but scampi is on the menu for £6.95.