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scamp / негодяй, бездельник, безобразник
имя существительное
scoundrel, villain, rascal, wretch, rogue, scamp
lounger, idler, slacker, layabout, bum, scamp
hooligan, roughneck, scamp
работать быстро и небрежно
имя существительное
a person, especially a child, who is mischievous in a likable or amusing way.
One of the main differences we'll find it in is the way the familiar angels and devils are caricatured in a innocent-looking style, but that's deceiving; they are scamps , mischievous and even violent characters.
do (something) in a perfunctory or inadequate way.
This is the most interesting aspect of Harvey's story and it is unfortunately scamped .
If the little scamp tries anything, I'll be on his throat in a second, as will these guards around here.
In that way, it's more noble than a lot of these kinds of movies: you can make an honest man out of a scamp without making him less of a man.
Everything he's been through, no matter what life throws at him, he's still a little scamp , who loves his family and behaves like any other intelligent, sometimes naughty boy.
some little scamp stuffed tissue paper in between the hammer and the bell
that man was a scamp, a damn thief
A young scamp in the comments box gently chided me for the fact that none of my favourites were recorded later than the 1980's.
He tells us when he has a hangover, and he swears a lot, the scamp .
My son is such a scamp for not telling me beforehand that you were coming over to dine with us tonight!
He's a bit of a charming scamp , a perfect fit for the exuberant, free-wheeling '60s.
He met Ingrid Bergman in Paris in 1945, inviting her out to dinner with a typically scampish note.