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scalpel / скальпель
имя существительное
scalpel, knife
имя существительное
a knife with a small, sharp, sometimes detachable blade, as used by a surgeon.
Scissors, saws, knives, scalpels , hemostats, etc. - such tools are becoming too expensive to throw away after one use.
For removal without stitches, the surgeon uses a scalpel to scrape off the mole so that it's level with or slightly below the skin.
A suggested method to safely remove a scalpel blade from its handle is depicted in Figure 2.
This is done by scraping the lesion with the edge of a rounded scalpel blade or the edge of a glass slide.
Excess keratin should be pared away with a scalpel blade to expose the floor of the ulcer and allow efficient drainage of the lesion.
When a patient is in surgery, a gas bag icon indicates induction, and a scalpel represents incision.
The only time he was really scared was when he reached England days later with his wound ravaged with infection and a surgeon appeared with two scalpels and informed him the arm would have to go.
The Hope-based cleaning machine is supposed to sterilise metal surgical instruments such as scalpels and forceps every time they are used.
In the mortuary there were scalpels sharp enough to cut through the toughest of leather, along with other surgical instruments that would make a surgeon proud.
These may range from the practice of making minimal surgical incisions to using electrosurgery, lasers, and ultrasonic scalpels for coagulation of bleeding vessels.
Disposable syringes, suture needles, and reusable scalpels were among the devices most frequently causing injury.