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scallywag / заморыш, прохвост, бездельник
имя существительное
scallywag, starveling
scallywag, bounder, scalawag
lounger, idler, slacker, layabout, bum, scallywag
One of the essential skills is identifying the difference between a potential threat, and a hapless scallywag .
Any scallywag could have lifted my letters out hoping to find something of value.
And the owner of the property was no doubt a scallywag , trying to defraud the lessee of his money, and threatening to ‘throw [his] things on the street’.
that scallywag of a son of yours
Take off your masks, all you scallywags , and release the politics.
And what of this UN gang where cs so desperately wants us to appear hip and cool - what are those scallywags up to?
I shall not need a horror mask when I open the door to the young scallawags who come trick or treating on Hallowe'en.
Bust times inevitably recall repressed myths of gallant cavalry laid low by Northern treachery and an economy ravaged by carpetbaggers and scalawags .
Both events have been held here for the last 12 years and, of course there are occasional minor incidents, but to say we attract scallywags who do this kind of thing is quite wrong.
And I still will do this, because scallywags and tellers of tall tales though some of 'em may be, them's my buddies.