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scallop / гребешок, створка раковины гребешка, фестоны
имя существительное
scallop, comb, crest, escallop, scollop
створка раковины гребешка
scallop, escallop, scollop, scallop-shell
scallop, scallops, escallop, scollop
запекать в раковине
escallop, scallop, scollop
вырезывать зубцы
escallop, scallop, scollop
украшать фестонами
festoon, escallop, pink, scallop, scollop
имя существительное
each of a series of convex rounded projections forming an ornamental edging cut in material or worked in lace or knitting in imitation of the edge of a scallop shell.
European axes at the most might have wide scallops filed on the edge of the blade plate on the inside or bottom of the beard, and that is not common.
ornament (an edge or material) with scallops.
a scalloped V-shaped neckline
gather or dredge for scallops.
And in the unlikely event that you get bored with counting portholes, you can always go scalloping - the seabed is alive with them!
bake with milk or a sauce.
scalloped potatoes
the tablecloth has a scallop edge
Marks eliminated some of the dated look just by removing the wooden window scallop and replacing the knobs with metal handles.
Place the scallop pattern along the foldline and transfer the scallops to the fabric.
Leafcutter ants cut neat scallop shapes out of leaves, which they carry home to their underground colonies.
Remove the top of a one-quart jug and then scallop the edge with scissors.
Or perhaps we appreciate how incredibly easy it is to do ourselves: simply wedge in a sharp knife against the flat edge and take it straight across, so that you scrape the scallop off the shell.
If you are unsure about how to cut open a scallop or sea urchin, fillet a brill or clean an octopus, just ask your local fishmonger to do it for you.
Finally, chairs with a scallop crest and sharply projecting ends, may have been a style peculiar to the Newbury region.
Calicide acts by preventing the formation of chitin, a key component in the sea louse's exoskeleton, but also important in the life-cycles of mussels and snails, scallops , worms, crabs and lobsters.
Always buy fresh live scallops with closed shells and make sure you use them within a day or so.